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Cil a brand inspired by eyelashes


Cil is inspired by people who have loved CIL. It is like family. They have wore CIL in anyways. Whatever they say and feel is big impact to CIL. CIL is always here for people who love CIL.


It is boarder less. That is what CIL is, and what CIL would like to continue. It is ageless, genderless, all of race. People have different lives and what they feel, see, and touch are various. CIL is always welcome to all of people and desire they enjoy to wear CIL.


Cil holds up to preserve Japanese traditional technology in the future. Cil means eyelashes in French. Cil suggests you gorgeous clothes which is like eyelashes that protects your eyes, and decorates you. Cil is named by a reason that is willing to grow up with lovely friends and favorite things. Since it was established in 2001, Cil suggests original textile, and always tries to make clothes which will stays in your heart. The clothes are made from a lot of natural material such as a eucalyptus and so on, and Cil is particular about “made in Japan”