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When fashion meets art

Prose is a fashion label that creates real statement pieces, since 2008 the label has been finalist in some of the most renowned fashion competitions such as Mango Fashion Awards and festival de la Mode et Photgraphie Hyères.  By pre-ordering items from this collection you’re reserving pieces that will give to your day to day style an artistic twist. Pre-orders start from 1€.


Read the full project’s description below.


The starting point has been a doormat of cast iron optic. I was intrigued by its dainty character and I bought dozens of them to play around. It reminded me of an armour. I liked the idea to create a modern warrior. But combined with feminine and elegant attributes. It then became necessary to find a more valuable substitute for the doormats. I only recently participated in an art project for C&A. For that one I worked with cast resin. In the end the art piece I created looked like a piece of porcelain. I wanted to work with this effect again. I researched casting moulds that are used for stuccoed ceilings. Many test phases followed until I had the optimal resin and shapes. To give the accessories a modern look I used patent leather in combination. The cast pieces are not only used in a decorative but also functional way and are involved in the draping process to develop innovative cuts.


Pushing the boundaries: unconventional, innovative cutting, textile manipulation, new finishing techniques. Unanticipated but with a need to make it accessible to the wearer.


A first reaction is very important for me. It’s instinctive. The fabric/ the material has to have an effect on me. My approach to designing is more instinctual than strategic. I guess that what makes it hard for people to work with me. I am working from the outside to the inside. The three-dimensional approach to design is mainly developed directly on the stand or human body in order to achive the optimal solution and expression between body shape and garment shape. I have a great interest in fabric experimentation which facilitates the development of innovative shapes and forms. Paramount to my work is the consideration of the human body, the sculptural aspects of the garments and the relationship between body, garment and movement.


Prose is a literary genre. Novels are prose, as are novellas, letters and even newspaper articles. Miriam Lehle has named her label Prose to express diversity and openness in the fashion statements she makes. Prose was founded in 2008 by Miriam Lehle, who after graduating in fashion design from the University of Design at Pforzheim in 2007 was accepted onto the much lauded MA at CSM in London. She didn’t go, instead deciding to launch her own label straight away. Prose has been finalist in some of the most renowned fashion competitions such as the festival de la Mode et Photgraphie Hyères & the Mango Fashion Awards (MFA in cooperation with textile designer Sabine Egler). The label also sold selected pieces in Topshop’s Edit Boutique at Oxford Circus. The collections are presented in London and Paris.