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Instagram and Twitter? Try normcore.

Do you look forward to reading a trend report for SS15? Or watch the semifinals? For example, I’m waiting to know if normcore is going to be big trend for the next season and the one after or fade away; which team will win the FIFA World Cup Brazil; and… What happens next?
The best part is sharing your opinion on the next event with the people around you. Listen to their comments. And keep the conversation alive on the trends that inspire you the most. Some would describe this act of communication for your brand with a long list of recurring statements such as build a community, customer relationship management. Forget the jargon. We’d rather name this act of communication with the simplest words possible: conversation, people.
15 years ago I didn’t have a tablet, nor a mobile phone. Whenever I wanted to call a friend to know what he was doing, I would have searched for his phone number before calling him. I would never have thought about going out in the streets shouting hey how are you?! But this is exactly what we’re doing, even if people contact details are easier to find. If you don’t include people in the conversation (@) is like picking up the phone and talking before dialling the number, or walking down the street and waiting (hoping) for someone to listen.
Instagram and Twitter are the tools that we use today. You don’t need to know people personally, but you need to know what they are talking about. To find them, the easiest way is to find a conversation first.
These are 2 basic ideas for finding people to promote your project.
First, find the conversation. Are we talking about #aw14 or #ethicalfashion? We’ve previously introduced 3 ideas to promote your project. One of these ideas was to think about the reasons why people should believe in your project (click here to read the full article).  Style, inspiration, made in, are all good reasons to believe in your project. Are you #normcore or else?
QUICK TIP: Fit into a conversation before promoting your own. It’s easier. You can use Twitter to search for the conversations that are relevant for your project and compile a list of contacts.
Style normcore #normcore @Fashionista_com @people
Secondly, find people to talk to. When you know the conversation you can search for the hashtag on Twitter and see the results. Each tweet that contains the hashtag was made by a person or brand that is interested in that subject. This is the most effective way to find people to talk to about your project. Just compile a list of contacts (@). You’re not talking a lone any more Example “@Wowcracy do you think #normcore will be big in AW15? Or fade after SS15?” When that contact replies keep the conversation going and slowly introduced them to your project.
QUICK TIP: Remember that if you tweet without including anyne in the conversation is like being in the streets on your own. Some people may listen but it’s less effective then fitting into a #conversation to talk to @people
These 2 basic ideas are all that you need to promote your project. It’s free. And you can talk with right people. And for Instagram it’s exactly the same! You don’t need to learn anything else. Try to compile a list of contacts for 1 hour. Then tweet for 1 hour. Which designer is going to talk to more people including the hashtag #wefw (Wowcracy Endless Fashion Week) the short link (i.e. http://jo.my/jadalynton) keeping conversations active? The challenge starts now!
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