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Ctt Outfit – Interview with Ilaria Icardi – My way to be myself

In the past month we’ve launched the CTT Outfit award, an Instagram initiative dedicated to the most liked outfits. Ilaria Icardi won the CTT Outfit award with an outfit that has received more than 5000 likes!

Today we’re interviewing her about her blog and the story behind it.

1. Yourself in 3 words.

Only 3?  Sorry, I’m not good in summarizing, but I’ll try. So… I say curious, cheerful and a little stubborn.

2. When did you decide to open your blog?

I’ve always loved to stay in touch with other people from all over the world, chatting, discussing ideas and opinions … Initially, I had a personal blog, where I met, in years, special people and someone is still my friend in real life too. Then, I started to make videos on YouTube. In January 2013, I decided to create a fashion blog. Don’t know exactly why…because I love fashion, of course, but there was something else…maybe to get a bit closer to the world of blogging, maybe because I’m a bit eccentric, maybe simply to share my passion for fashion, or maybe it’s a mix of these and other  reasons. After few months, I started working for an insurance company and I had no time anymore for my blog. In July 2013 I got fired (selling policies was not really my destiny) and, finally, I decided that I would have tried everything to become a pro blogger, or at least something like that, together with my other job, translation. Yeah, I’m a translator and a fashion blogger and I love this kind of stuff!

3. Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?

I take inspiration from everywhere!  I think that the entire world is a valid source of inspiration.  It’s one of things I love most of fashion (and, of course, art in general): this power to get something from all around us, as lymph. As you need oxygen to live, art (in this case fashion) needs inspiration to go on and you can take it from food, music, places, pictures, moments… everything that could emotion and inspire you!

4. Who’s your favorite fashion photographer?

My favorite photographer is Yvan Rodic, aka Face Hunter. His photos are not only about fashion, but also places around the world and fragments of life. I love his way to capture the moment…it’s like the pure essence is all in that shoot and that’s so physical, almost as you could touch it with your hands. It’s very emotional. Then, the fashion part is terrific!

5. How would you describe your style?

I don’t like to strictly classify my style. That’s the reason why I can answer to this question with the term “street style”. In fact, I think that the street style is a kind of container of different styles and inspirational stuff. I said before I take inspiration from everywhere. Street style permits me to be who I want to be: one day rock, on day bon ton, another day sporty and another one a mix. Speaking of, I love to mix and match elegant and sporty mood, like sneakers with elegant dress, or sporty pants with blouse and heels…different colors, prints, shapes, fabrics meet each other and create a new mood, alive and full of emotions. Street style allows all of this and even more.

6. If you had to imagine fashion blogging as an animal, which animal would be?

Not easy question. Key element of fashion blogging (and also fashion) is the elegance, which reminds me two animals very stylish and sinuous, but into different ways: the swan and the lion. Swan’s elegance is more fairy-like, more royal; lion is charming, even sexy. Lion is also competitive and ambitious, as today fashion blogging: a lot of people want to emerge in this world and that’s not easy. But sometimes you find who is happy to help and become a loyal friend, like a dog. Another important element is freedom: like a seagull, which can fly everywhere, a blogger is free to express her style and ideas in her own way. Sorry, I know that the question says ONE animal, but I think that it’s almost impossible to find only one, as fashion is art and art is too wide to be strictly classified.

You can visit the Ilaria’s Fashion blog here.