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6 tricks to set a valuable crowdfunding project

Launching a crowdfunding project is the best opportunity for your brand to reach the final customer and to pre-sell items before going  into production.  It can also be the a great tool for testing new products.

Your success relies on the tricks that you will adopt for:

– Building your rewards structure

– Executing your communication

Building your reward structure

1. Create special product’s packages

Prepare good deals for your followers.

Remember that you have total control on prices,  items, quantity and experiences that you can offer.

Try to compose product’s packages,  such as:

-Item 1 + Item 2: let your followers understand that it’s more convenient to pre-order 2 products than just one.

– Complete outfit:  create a complete outfit reward. Even more than one, be creative. You’re the brand, who can mix your products better than you do?

– Buyer’s package: this kind of package can have a limited edition. You can offer all of your collection or an number of single products at a wholesale price.  By this way you can control your buyer’s orders.

You can play by mixing your products and experiences or crafting very limited buyer’s packages. No limit. All you can imagine.

2. Create meaning

When you start a crowdfunding project on Wowcracy, you have to choose the title of the project and all the reward’s titles.

Well, if you name your project “AW 14 Sun” or something like that, probably your followers will not be so curious to discover what you’re doing. Try to find a catchy title able to synthesise the concept behind your new collection.

And what if you name a reward as “1AS4A00 Item”?! Naaa, it will never work. Be catchy and specific on what you’re offering.

3. Set experiences that matter

If you’re using Wowcracy probably you’re a talented designer or creative professional that really knows how to craft the amazing Wowcracy is not a dull e-commerce website or a portfolio’s directory. It’s the crowdfunding destination for fashion and design projects. This means that you can give to your audiences more than products.

You can make your followers and fans part of an unmissable brand experience.

– Can you invite your followers to your next shooting or special event?

– Do you know some special techniques that you can teach to your followers during a workshop?

– Can you personalise an item in a very exclusive way?

– Do you have a website for creating wall with all your follower’s photos?

– Do you feel like your followers can be interested in visiting your studio to see your production’s process?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is “Yes”  just set a price and create your brand’s experiences. Than remember that these are just examples, you can invent all the experiences that you want.

Execute your communication

4. Daily activity on social media

You can make something cool happen everyday. Engage your followers, one day on Facebook, the second on Twitter, the third on Instagram and so on.

If you have a rich number of rewards you will easily find something to say everyday, or at least every two days.

Remember that you can send press releases to journalists and bloggers including the link of your project.

5. Start with why

When you’re preparing your video and the project’s description try to explain why your project is worth of attention.

Elaborate a compelling call to action for your followers, concentrate your communication on why  your project is special and deserves attention.

Take 18 minutes to watch this video. It explains the trick!

6. Budgeting

Last but not least we suggest you to invest 40€ in the first week on Facebook by boosting 4 posts in which you promote the project’s rewards. You just need to start by making a post everyday and boosting it with 10€. Think about the target accurately to make it clear cut.

Before this try to make a pre-order by yourself.  Your followers will see the project with at least 1 pre-order. This helps to create trust in your project and you can familiarise with the all project if your friends have any questions.

…Last but not least, remember that Wowcracy is ready to support you. If you have any questions to improve your project write to commission@wowcracy.com whenever you want.

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