Two designers support local manufacturing in Britain and Italy thanks to fashion crowdfunding

This month we’re launching two projects, from two different countries, that have one big idea in common: support local manufacturing. At a time when global fashion retailers are massifing the offer to cut costs with outsourcing there is a growing pool of emerging talented designers that are swimming in the opposite direction, that is putting people first to capitalise craftsmanship and support local manufacturing whilst creating beautiful clothes.

Technology can speed­-up human connections and facilitate the support of new projects with a clear goal. Thanks to fashion crowdfunding a designer in Britain can promote a project to support local manufacturing in this country. At the same time, a designer from Italy can promote another project to support craftsmanship in her region. And both designers share the unique opportunity to connect with and to grow their follower base internationally.

Your are invited to get the best fashion rewards and to support local manufacturing by the act of ordering, sharing and commenting your favourite project as a new and unique access to the fashion industry.

JUDY WU through ‘Branded Heritage’ Supporting British Fashion, from London (UK) click here to see the project online

AtuXtu A Showroom to Save the of Le Marche, from Montegiorgio (Italy) click here to see the project online