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The best visuals of successful projects

Since the start of Wowcracy, every month we’ve seen a project reach its target.

Behind these successful projects there are designers that have great talent in communication and storytelling with visuals.

Let’s take a look at this selection of visuals from successful projects.

1. Flavia La Rocca 

Dedicated to a Stylish, Conscious Globe-Trotter. A unique set of four modules that disclose eight different Looks. From morning till evening all in a clutch. Discover


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2. Selam Yohans

The Autumn/Winter ’13 designs are inspired by the elegant and quality driven 80’s English furniture designs created by Andre Dubreuil. Discover

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3. Anna Sammarone

Brocades, swarovsky, tight waist and micro pull. Powdery pastels in a continuous alternation of bright simply whispered colors. A deep journey back to the past. Discover

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4. Judy Clark

Judy R Clark’s Fashion A Frock Coat – Limited edition,timeless apparel in Harris Tweed & Lace. Discover

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