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How to create valuable rewards for your project

The rewards are what your followers are going to get for supporting your project.

What you can offer:

1. Products:  everyone loves the possibility of having something new, exciting and desirable.

Prepare good deals for your followers.

Remember that you have total control on prices,  items, quantity and experiences that you can offer.

Try to compose product’s packages,  such as:

a. Item 1 + Item 2: let your followers understand that it’s more convenient to pre-order 2 products than just one.

b.  Complete outfit:  create a complete outfit reward. Even more than one, be creative. You’re the brand, who can mix your products better than you do?

2.  Experiences:  your personal touch makes a big difference. Try to offer experiences that are related to your project and your goal.

You can make your followers and fans part of an unmissable brand experience.

– Can you invite your followers to your next shooting or special event?

– Do you know some special techniques that you can teach to your followers during a workshop?

– Can you personalise an item in a very exclusive way?

– Do you have a website for creating wall with all your follower’s photos?

– Do you feel like your followers can be interested in visiting your studio to see your production’s process?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is “Yes”  just set a price and create your brand’s experiences. Than remember that these are just examples, you can invent all the experiences that you want.

3. Think about pricing

On Wowcracy you have total control on the final consumer price. Think about how much you would pay for a single reward. Then ask your friends for a second opinion.

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