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How to Write Compelling Blog Titles

With over 2 million blog posts published each day, it’s becoming very difficult to get people to read content; especially when we are talking about fashion.

To write a compelling title, you can follow these 5  tips; remember to have a clear idea of your customer personas.

1. Use lists

On internet there’s a lack of attention, and most people want content that is fast and useful. If your article contains a list, tell the reader how many points to expect.

2. Ask questions

As i said before on internet people are searching for useful content, for this reason, try to choose a question that mirror’s the reader’s question, they will probably read the article or at least click on the link of your post.

3. Use keywords

Using relevant keyword in the blog title is not just a smart way to synthesize the content of your article for the readers, but it is also the best technique for SEO.

4. Provoke curiosity

You can use lists, ask questions and use effective keywords, but you don’t want to be boring. Phrase the title in a way that will pique people’e curiosity; the way to do it, is to leave the reader without all the informations, or if you’re using a list write something like this:

12 amazing pair of shoes, the n°7 will leave you breathless

5. Use emotions

Being an emotional person is not always great for relationships, it can drives to disaster sometimes, but when you’re writing a title for you next blog post, do not be afraid of being emotional.

Humans crave the opportunity to release their emotions, a study conducted by the New York Times on their most viral titles revealed that the emotions that drive more virality are (list of the emotions with title’s examples):

a. Emotionality

– Redefining Depression as Mere Sadness

– When all els fails, Blaming the patient often comes next

b. Positivity

– Wide-Eyed New arrivals falling in love with the city

– Tony Award for philantropy

c. Awe

– Rare treatment is reported to cure AIDS patient

– The promise and power of RNA

d. Anger

– What red ink? Wall Street paid hefty bonuses

– Loan Titans paid McCain Adviser nearly $2 Million

e. Anxiety

– For stocks, worst single day to be whole again

– Obama pays tribute to his grandmother after she dies