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Why Facebook post’s reach is decreasing

Facebook is an important social media to promote your project, however during the last year big changes has been done by the Silicon Valley’s giant.

Ever wonder why you business page has 8.000 likes on Facebook, yet only 120 – 250 people can see your Facebook page posts? It’s not that your followers have stopped to care about your brand, it’s just that your posts aren’t anymore showed up to your follower’s base.

This happens because of the Facebook’s edgerank, an algorithm that regulates what users can see in their news feed accordingly with their interests. The Edgerank ranks “edges”: an “Edge” is anything anyone does on Facebook, from posting, liking, sharing; every kind of activity is defined as an “Edge”.


How the edgerank works

With over a billion users across the globe, the newsfeed of Facebook users’ would lead to a mess of updates from people and pages all across  friends and interests.

The Edgerank regulates which content users will see in their newsfeed according to three main criteria: Affinity – Weight – Recency

– Affinity

The affinity measures the relationship between a Facebook user and an “Edge”, basically if you post something to your Facebook business page and your fans regularly comment, share or like your content; they have high affinity and for this reason Facebook will show to them your next posts; until they still interact with your content.

– Weight

The weight measures the value of  your contents.

Facebook does not explicitly reveal the precise details of its weighting system, but the system basically evaluate your contents such as, plain text updates, photos, video and links with different values. By continuing the reading of this area you will learn,  to understand which kind of content has more weight for your business.

– Recency

The recency simply measures the “age” of your contents, the older an “Edge” is, the less likely it’s to appear in your followers’ newsfeed.

Now that we’ve cleared why a small part of your followers base can see your posts and contents; it’s important to identify actions able to help you out in the production of posts that can drive more engagement on your Facebook page.


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