Conversation: Rocio Ramos – Fashion photographer

Rocio Ramos is a talented fashion photographer based in Madrid, her works have been featured among the most prestigious fashion publications worldwide, such as ELLE Mexico, L’OFFICIEL, Qvest and many more. In this briefly conversation with Rocio Ramos we wanted to discover what really takes to become a fashion photographer and which are the main challenges to become a recognized professional in the fashion industry.

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W: Photography is like writing with the light, which stories do you want to tell with your projects?

R: It depends of the moodboard I create and it depends of the inspiration that I have in each moment and time of my life.
But what it is very important to me, is to transmit something in each image. I pretend that in every photo each woman should have something in their eyes that takes you and tells you something.

W: Can you tell us about the beginning and what has been your artistic evolution?

R:  I studied fine arts at the University, and I wanted to be a painter, and I took very different classes: sculpture,engraving, drawing, among others.. I also had photography, analogue photography with the chemicals and all that stuff. Was like magic, who the image comes out in the liquid and the process was so beautiful that I felt in love with it. When I finish the career I did a Master in Fashion Photography.


W:  Is there a fashion photographer that you particularly admire?

R:  I admire a bunch of them! I couldn’t choose just one, because each one inspires me in a way. Txema Yeste, Giampaolo Sgura, Mariano Vivanco, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Nico Bustos, Mert and Marcus, Miguel Reveriego, Paolo Roversi, Ellen Von Unwerth , Helmut Newton…

W:  By your point of view which are the main challenges to face to become a fashion photographer?

R:  The main challenge it’s you, the fight of you with you. Learning to be patience, perseverant, and learning to have character and a lot of mental strength.

W:   Which books and blogs do you consider valuable for a fashion photographer?

R:  The best background of images it’s Google (hehehe) We have everything there!

W:  Which fashion magazine do you love the most and why?

R:   Vogue will be always vogue. It’s the bible. Vogue Italia it’s a great book.. I also buy Vogue Paris sometimes, it depeds of which editorials are inside..
But I have also some other books that inspires me a lot, Vamp and Magazine Antidote are my favourites, but also ID, CR, 25 magazine, zoo, Self service..



We want to thank Rocio Ramos for the time dedicated to this interview, and for sharing her story and thoughts with the Wowcracy community.