Jose Ferreira | Photographer

Jose Ferreira is a  photographer based in Lisbon, his talent spans from documentary projects to fashion and beauty photography. You can visit his portfolio here.


• Can you tell us when you understood that you wanted to be a photographer?

My interest in photography started during my degree in Virtual Arts, 2007.

I start doing some fashion and documentary little projects only for school, just for fun, but then it became more usually and I took it a bit more serious.  Was then when I realise that it becomes a passion.


  • Why Fashion?

Why fashion….First of all I think fashion editorial can say many things through a soft and beautiful message. But all scenes created, the team, the location, the model… Is this search for imagination and creativity always different,  that captivates me and it makes me into a spirit that another type of photography could not do. For me, fashion photography could be what you imagine it was: beauty, softness, strength, elegance class, or break/imbalance. You choose!

  • Photography is like writing with the light, which stories do you want to tell with your projects?

Each project contains a story behind the first look.

There are no two editorials alike. Each one is born from my imagination, my humor, my inspiration at a given time. Sometimes I just want to retreat the moment, sometimes I want to show the power of something, in others i care about architecture, about power, beauty, women, nudity … For other words… for what goes in my head, and soul.


  • Is there a fashion photographer that you particularly admire?

Txema Yeste, Camilla Akrans, Steven Meisel, Laurie Bartley,  Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi….

  • By your point of view which are the main challenges to face to become a fashion photographer?

The main challenge is absolutely get to the people, get to the market, be different. There are so many good photographers out there that if you want to become one of them, you need to want it badly, you need to work hard every day to be at their levels and to be recognised for your work. Every photographer as Is vision, have your own photography style is what make you different of others.


  • Which books and blogs do you consider valuable for a fashion photographer?


-Vogue mag

Photo Mag Fr

-Vogue it

-Factice mag

Schon mag

Vestal mag

-L’officiel mag