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How to predict your followers’ desires

Launch a successful campaign is a mix of hard work and great communication skills, as the online marketing becomes more expensive and Facebook kills the business pages’ reach, we wanted to give to all our project’s owner a free tool to  predict the desires of their followers.

It may sounds like something really boring, but it’s not, from this moment every project will have a private area, in which every project’s owner will be able to see the following data:

– Visitors: each week the system automatically shows  how many people visit your project. You can track your project’s growth and challenge yourself and your PR team to do best; or most importantly see if your PR team is working effectively.

– n° Facebook shares: each week the system automatically shows  how many people have shared your project on Facebook. If you’re asking to your closest network to support you, here you are a tool to measure, if your clients and friends are sharing your project helping you to spread the word.

– n° Tweets shares: same thing of the Facebook shares but  related to twitter.

– Visits x rewards: this is probably one of the most important resource that our system will deliver to you. From now you will be able to see with high precision which of your rewards/products are the most viewed. This is very important, because if you are communicating correctly you will be able to share on your social channels and newsletter the products that your followers love the most on a weekly basis.


– Conversion rate: every week the system automatically calculates the % of visitors that becomes supporters. This is a valuable metric for your business, because you will be able to predict how many people have to see your project before get one pre-order. This information will help you out to set online adv campaigns with an incomparable precision.

All these informations will be integrated in every project for free, now it doesn’t matter if you are a big brand, medium size or a startup, with these informations your next project on Wowcracy, will disclosure useful informations about your audience’s taste, and you have a powerful free tool to test all your creations. You will understand which products resonate best with your audience, and you will be able to build  better solutions and products for them.

If you want to start testing what your audience love the most about your upcoming projects,JUST CLICK HERE.

If you want to set up a project with our commission support, just write to:  commission@wowcracy.com