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The Ukraine & the talented design bureau

Based in Ukraine, Design bureau ODESD2 is a young design studio that works in the development of furniture, lightning and accessories. Since its birth in 2012, the studio has developed and produced elements for Zaha Hadid’s project. In this interview we’ve talked with ODESD2 about materials and the Ukranian design scene.


1. What would you say are your main influences when conceiving a piece of work?

The experience gained in the process of searching technologies, ideas, regularities and analysis of all the previous generations of experience in the industrial design has the biggest influence. Because the creation of something new is always a study of the legacy that we’ve got from our predecessors. Only after studying the accumulated experience of the past we can supplement it and thus create something new.

2. What comes first – the materials or the design idea?

It’s hard to say how the process  of the object creation begins. There are many objects that are created in simple technological solutions but difficult in the idea at the same time. And vice versa – focus on the appearance and functionality but materials remains in the background. We always start the process of the object designing with a search. You understand what to start with when the search begins.


3. How do you choose your materials?

We do not choose the material, as it appears by itself in the process of technological development of the object. There is always clear criteria for what should we get in the end so the material appears as a consequence of a clear specification. And only in the preparation of technical specifications we find the material that fits best.

4. What would you say are your values and ethics when it comes to designing?

Durability, utility and beauty. Or firmitas, utilitas, venustas as Vitruvius wrote.


5. What makes you different / unique from other design studios?

We do not follow some established principles, we are working on ours and so we obtain new results, which others have not received.

6. How have things in the industry changed in the last 10 years?

Technologically first. Designers are experimenting with materials, combining them in such variations, which seemed impossible previously. Speaking specifically about the Ukrainian industrial design, in our opinion, it did not exist 10 years ago. He is in a sort of infancy now, he searches himself. Now there are more people interested in this direction. We want to believe that Ukrainian design will receive with time its own characteristics that make it recognizable and popular worldwide.


7. From all your pieces which is your favorite and why?

This question is difficult to answer, because it’s like asking a parent which child he loves more. Each of our object  is work, inspiration, time, so we love every object equally.


We want to thank ODESD2 for the interesting interview and for share their thoughts with the Wowcracy community.