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Fine art photography, talk with Marta Bevacqua

Have you ever fallen in love with a photo? Probably those of you that love photography know exactly what i’m talk about. The first that i saw a photo of Marta Bevacqua it’s like her works come from an oniric world  . In this conversation you will discover the interesting story of her passion for photography and how use lights to write stories. Most importantly you can take a look at her amazing creations.

To see more about her works click here.



W: Can you tell us about the beginning and what has been your artistic evolution?

I started 10 years ago, when i was 16. It happened by chance, i just discovered websites such as Flickr and DeviantArt for other reasons, and i loved immediately browsing around and look at beautiful photos. I just decided i could do it as well, and taking photos became immediately a big big passion.

I started taking photos at trees and flowers, in my garden. I was just searching for beautiful lights. After a few time, i began to do portraits of my sisters, mostly in nature, always searching for that light.

The ideas began to appear after maybe the first year, where i started to do constructed photoshoots, exploring and developing all the ideas i constantly had in my mind. During the years, it began something purely artistic, instead of conceptual.

I got into fashion after 5-6 years, by chance again, like when i started. It happened that i had a shooting with some dresses, and at first with friends, then with my first professional models, i grew up and really started to work in this field, trying to connect art and fashion.

Last year, i moved to Paris. I work mostly as a fashion photographer (for adveristing campaigns and lot of magazines) but i’m still working on my artistic photoshoots and projects too.


W:  Photography is like writing with the light, which stories do you want to tell with your projects?

A lot of stories; imaginary and real ones. I don’t have a precise story, but one of my prorities, is stimulating the viewer to imagine his own story. I just want to make imagination flow, without rules or limits.

My stories are fantasy; mostly, they are stories for dreamer, as i am. Or, at least, i hope so.

W:  Is there a fashion photographer that you particularly admire?

Absolutely yes, more than one.

First of all, Paolo Roversi, for his ability in creating deep atmospheres.

And then, Tim Walker, for his ability in creating other worlds, and story in all that worlds.


W:   What is the project that you are most proud of?

There are a lot, in real, but maybe my artistic project “through the glass”. I put so much efford on it, and i’m really happy about the result. I’m working right now in a pair of new projects, and i think they can be probably the ones i will be most proud of.

W:  Which are the blogs and magazines that you love the most? 

There are so many magazines i really find amazing, and i had the honour to be published in some of them.

Besides the well-known magazines, which everyone knows i think (like Vogue, Numéro and many others), there are some indipendent ones which are very very great.

Syn, Zeum, Lone Wolf, Nasty, Factice, Schon, Papier Mache and Novembre are just a few names.

Regarding the blogs, there are C-heads and Ben Trovato, which i really appreciate.


I want to thank Marta Bevacqua for having shared with us her story and thoughts.