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How to use Twitter for your project

Twitter is a well knonw social media, it’s founded on the idea of conversations trough short messages, better known as tweets. Many people find difficulties to approach twitter, the immediate impression is that it doesn’t work very well to share thoughts and informations.

For this reason in this area you will find the very basic informations related to twitter, and how to approach it and start immediately to test your tweets and retweets.


1. Create curated lists

The twitter lists are useful tool to group people and profile that you follow together, based on similar topic and function. With a correct use of the lists you can make your profile an organized tool for update yourself and your followers by trustable and multiple sources.

You can also share your lists with other users, it’s a very good way to find new followers, to do it, just copy the URL and paste it into a direct message to anyone you want to share it with.


How to create a list?

Follow the instructions below and create your first list.





2. Use images and videos for your tweets

According to a study conducted by twitter on over 2 million tweets, it comes out that including a photo can boost retweets by up to 35% and video can boost up to 18%.

As for Facebook, photos and videos create more engagement, so use it as much as you can.

You can also use Vine to upload short video in Twitter, and animated gifs.


3. Favorite tweets made by others

The option to favorite is the easiest way to show to someone you like what the’ve tweeted. When you decide to favorite a content try to be reasonable and do not start to favorite tons of tweets just to attract the attention of the audience.

Remember that other users can view every single tweet you’ve favorited by visiting your twitter profile.


4. How to reply

When you start a tweet with @username, only that person and any followers you have in common will see the that tweet, clearly when you do something like this you have to consider that it’s almost a private message; not right if you want to communicate something to a larger audience.

So if you want to thank an editor or a blogger about an article you can start the tweet like this: “Thank you @username, amazing article ” by this way a larger part of your followers will be able to read your tweet.


5. Retweeting

Retweet something that you’ve found interesting seems to be the best way reshare content on twitter, however when you retweet, users are notified that they’ve been retweeted, but they are not able to reply. Then if many @users have retweeted that content yours will be just a number.

The best way to retweet something is to copy paste the tweet in a new one with RT (retweet) at the beginning. This technique will help you to be noted by the other @user that your retweeting and start a conversation.


Hope that you’ve found these basic tips useful, remember to always plan your actions when you start a project on Wowcracy. 

You can write to our commission for further informations for launching your crowdfunding project: commission@wowcracy.com