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The Social Media Marketing BASTARD – Be careful to Super Expert –

This is the first part of our new space dedicated to big mistakes and real case histories related to social media marketing; everyone can participate by sending his article to: wefw@wowcracy.com

The author will remain anonymous, so you can share all that you want because tha Social Media Marketing BASTARD will sign the article.

It’s important to share bad mistakes as great success stories, we can all learn better!

Let’s welcome our first Social Media Marketing BASTARD from London

Everyday we read about social media marketing and techniques to drive traffic into a websites or solutions to sell products online.

I work in this field from a long time now, and i have to underline that all these theories are correct only if the companies that want to run these campaigns have a deep, deep knowledge of marketing and  psychology.

I’ve seen  people without a single experience in marketing trowing away tens of thousands of euros in digital campaigns, looking at the screens and hoping to see miracle numbers show up.

Then as platform we also had the privilege to get in contact with super experts of the social media marketing campaigns, people that spent millions of euros in the past to launch campaigns for big companies.

About these experts i have a very funny story to tell:

We were in the process to launch a new Facebook campaign to sell luxury products for women, the content was great and we had a lot of images.

The super expert approached us telling that he had a great idea and all the targeting was ready.

So he came out with the brilliant solution: advertise our luxury products (for women) to men based in the middle east… Uhmmm what??

Well he was absolutely sure, because he knew that in the middle east, men spend most of their time buying clothing online for women.

You can imagine the results of the campaign… the idea was so brilliant that i lost my sight, and i was not able to see any result.

So i realized that, before launching a campaign is fundamental find out a good concept of communication and nice story to tell, you wanna know why?!

Because people don’t buy what you do or how you do it, they buy WHY you do it.

You know, i never heard about a marketing manager that just try to find a target by spending money on random ideas.

Even if you’re promoting the products of other people, you need to communicate very well the concept of the products or the benefits offered by these products.

The first Social media marketing bastard rule that i want to share with you is:

Know your product, know your audience & know why you exist.

Don’t believe to Fu%Kers that sell you easy solutions or just magical retargeting techniques, work seriously on why your product exists and share with care your story.

This means that you have to work your ass off, but at least you will make something valuable, financially speaking and creatively.

See you at the next part…