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gaffer & fluf | Summer 2016 | Code of Light Editorial Series No.1

Source: Gaffer & Fluf

gaffer&fluf is a melting pot of two seemingly ‘opposite’ worlds: the stable, strong and determined aspect of gaffer tape and the airy, soft and light side of dreamy fluffiness.

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It is a creative ying-yang that brings a balance among idiosyncratic elements and characters. It represents a universe where hard meets soft, where sharp edges melt into curves and where everything is subject to change, in the direction of the Heraclitian concept of “panta rei”, “everything is in flux”.

With presence around the world such as Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt and our own flagship store in Santorini (Greece) we believe in a minimalistic approach that leaves no space for the superfluous and focuses on what women actually need to feel confident and perform at their best.

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