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20 best designs you need to know in this very moment

From a levitating vase to a candle holder that seems like a flat disc, i’ve collected best designs to know and discover in this moment.


1. LYFE, the levitating vase – by Flyte

LYFE is a zero gravity rotating growing system, designed by Flyte, a swedish company.

This amazing object uses the magnetism to make levitate the vase, moreover the rotating movement gives a 360 degrees of sunlight exposure to the plants.




If you love this product, you can pre-order it on Kickstarter.


2. The present – Annual clock

How can we live the moment when a moment change in every second? How can we value our time?

By living in the present, and that’s the idea behind the annual clock designed by Scott Thrift.

A clock that changes its colour in accordance to the seasons and  that needs an entire year to complete a single cycle. Which better way to feel that we’re still in this moment?!

No more tik tok tik tok…


3. La Table – The sea inside your table

La Table is a french laboratory home of two incredibly talented artisans, Alexandre Chapelin and Patrick Lapierre.

They create bespoke tables and one of the most impressive ones, is this piece… well is like if the table has became a window into a sea.




4. The Rocket table – by Stelios Mousarris

Stelios Mousarris is Cyprus based furniture designer, his creations are surreal and sculptural art objects. This incredible Rocket table has been inspired by toys and action figures.


The table has been created by using various techniques like 3D printing, resin casting and traditional hand carving. Moreover the position of the rockets can be personalised as the rockets are not attached to the glass.



Don’t forget to take a look at the Stelios Mousarris’ website to discover more surreal artworks.

5. The Nendo design’s Star Wars minimal objects 

Japanese studio Nendo design has created a series of objects inspired to the Star Wars Saga.

The design studio has developed 16 abstract representations of characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leila and so on… The studio is hoping that manufacturers or designers will obtain the license from Disney (which is a very tricky process) in order to see the designs on the shelves of international shops.






Don’t forget to visit Nendo studio design website to discover more projects.

6. Cradle – by Layer Design

Layer studio is one of those reality that has achieved a global recognition, by working with important clients like Nike, BMW, Braun and many more.

Cradle is a project related to a technological textile, that has high strength with a low density, which means that the textile can convey a perfect ergonomic support for the body, using a fraction of the material of a traditional mesh.

Imagine to apply this kind of textile to a series of chairs, and you will have the Cradle collection, designed in collaboration with Moroso.




Take a look at the Layer design website.

7. The coffee mug that seems like a goat’s horn – By Goat story

Yes a coffee mug shaped like a goat’s horn… but the most interesting thing about this object is  the story behind it.

Did you know that the legend of the discovery of coffee is related to goats?

Well the legend wants that thousands of years ago, an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi saw his goats prancing after they’ve eaten some berries from an unfamiliar tree.

So Kaldi thought to try the berries as well and boom he felt hyper energetic…


Some time later a monk noticed Kaldi and the prancing goats, and asked to Kaldi the secret sauce of that energy, so the monk tried the magic berries as well and guess what?! Boom, finally the monk get the energies to stay awake during the prayers.


In conclusion the monk had the brilliant idea of drying and boiling the berries in order to make a beverage, and that’s it! The coffee saw it’s born!


If you want to own a little piece of this story, visit Goat Story store.

8. Melting Vases – By Studio E.O 

It’s like an optical illusion.. by looking at these vases, created by the swedish Studio E.O,  you will going to think that the vase will going to melt down on the table.





Don’t forget to visit Studio E.O website.

9.  Diamond coloured lights – by Studio Dennis Parren

 This lamp designed by Studio Dennis Parren makes a smart usage of LED lights. Usually is not a good idea to look directly to a LED light, because of its powerful bright light.

Well this lamp with its little holes generates a magical effect of sparkling all over the room, get the most out of the brightness of the LED lamps without makes you blind.



Take a look at the other light creations by Studio Dennis Parren.

10. Pie chart table – by Goncalo Campos

Pie charts! Everybody know that importance of data visualisation. Well this is for all Excel lovers, a table designed by Goncalo Campos made like a real pie chart. You can have a 25% of magazines, the 10%  of pencils all displaying in your pie chart table as you prefer.



Don’t forget to visit Goncalo Campos’ website. 

11. Lucid lights – by David Derksen Design

During the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan David Derksen studio has presented an amazing project named Lucid lights.


Take a look at the other David Derksen projects.

12. Choke clothes hanger – Opinion Ciatti

Designed by Bruno Rainaldi for Opinion Ciatti, this clothes hanger is built out of a choke. Also known as “La Cima3” this piece of design has a length of 350 cm and 6cm diameter.




13. Candy Crush jewels – by Glenda Lopez

We all know Candy Crush Saga, the famous game app, probably one of the most successful game of our time. For the first time is possible to wear nicely refined pieces of jewelry designed by Glenda Lopez in collaboration with Candy Crush.

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Pre-order  your Candy Crush jewel piece.

14. Cupola Lamp – by Studio Amebe

If you love Saint Peter famous Cupola, probably you will like to take a look at the Cupola lamp designed by Studio Amebe, design studio based in Italy.



Take a look at the Amebe Studio portfolio.

15. Stefano Giovannoni’s rabbit chair

During the Milano design week, Stefano Giovannoni has presented Qeeboo a new brand that will focus on a new way of manufacture high quality designs with low costs.

One of the most representative objects is the Rabbit chair, available for adults and kids.




Don’t forget to explore the  Qeeboo website.

16. Febo – let’s draw with the sun

Febo, from the ancient greek the god of the light. What a better name for a device that will enable to design with the light of the sun. Created by a trio of designers Paola Papetti, Rosalia Galeano and Francesca Padovan this device unifies science and creativity.


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.05.18 PM

Visit Febo website for more informations.

17. Polar Lamp – by Ross Gardam

Designed by Ross Gardam design studio, this lamp has been built with a magnetic arm that with its rotation will enable to shading or directing the light. The Polar lamp is handcrafted and will be available in August 2016.




Take a look at the Ross Gardam studio website. 

18. Brass candle holder – by Kiseung Lee

By manipulating a disc of metal, you can generate multiple forms to contain your candles. Designed by Kiseung Lee.


Take a look at the Kiseung Lee’s projects.

19. Flame glass – by Syd Design 

This is an extraordinary prototype made by Syd design in collaboration with Asahi Glass. Made in Glascene, a material that enables images to be projected onto transparent glass. In this case we can see an image of a flame projected onto the glass.




Jump into the Syd design website for more projects.

20. The Halo Lamp – by Kjartan Oskarsson 

Designed by Kjartan Oskarsson the Halo lamp has been designed to create a new way of interaction between the user and the lamp. by moving the choke you will be able to turn on / off the lamp.


Take a look to the Kjartan Oskarsson website for more informations.

So guys that’s all for now, hope that you’ve appreciated this selection of products and concepts. If you want to participate in the research of new great ideas related to the design, you can use the hashtag #wowcracydesign on Instagram or facebook and i will feature your discoveries in the next posts and social media.

Stay well