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The art of poster design, Krzysztof Iwanski

Krzysztof Iwanski is a print and digital graphic designer, based in Poland. He is specialized in poster design, screen printing and painting. The style used by Krzysztof Iwanski derives from Neo-Plasticism, Constructivism and Bauhause. The posters of Krzysztof have won several international awards such as the Chicago poster biennale. In this interview he shares his background and some important advices on how to make a great usage of the collage technique.



1. You’re an artist that works a lot in poster art, screen printing and painting, can you tell us how and when you started?

I came from a very let’s call it artistic background. My dad is an academic professor, and also a great poster designer who specializes in typography, my Mom from the other hand is a painter and a textile designer. So you know is hard not to follow the same path 😉 But actually, in the beginning of my teenage years I did not care about art much, in fact, I did not care about it at all. It was a crazy punk time, going to gigs, get drunk or just do some crazy stuff. And everything just came back when I was in the end of high school I had no idea what to do where to go so I decided to choose an art school. At that time it was just a natural move. And yeah that was it I guess the turning point when everything just slowly happened I discover screen print and experiment with poster and so on. It was just a great time with some of the most interesting people. I was really lucky to combine both art and design and stay loyal to those in a way so different disciplines. But It’s not me who is so special I really think it was an academic teaching system in art schools in those days. I had to take sculpture, painting and drawing classes but at the same time, I had to do screen print Ad all sort of design courses that is a way I combine it all into one.


2. I’ve noticed that you use the collage technique, can you share with us some basic tips on how to execute a beautiful collage poster?

It’s at the same time very simple and difficult. When I do collage I go throw tons of old magazines, books of some old photos. The trick it that you have to be “hit” by the certain image. And then you know it’s the right image to use. Of course, it has to fit the topic and so on but you have to trust your own feelings and emotions. Always trust yourself when it comes to design but never be sure that you’re right. I know it might sound like a complete bull shit but when you think about it eventually make sense ;).

3. You create amazing animated posters, which are the fundamental programs to create this kind of artworks?

I use Flash (yehhhhh I know old school 😉 and I learn how to use After Effects, but in the end, all comes to photoshop as a gif animation. It was a fun experiment with eventually work out pretty well 🙂 There will be some sooooon, very soooooon.




4. Which blogs and magazines do you consider important to stay updated on new graphic design trends? And which digital platforms are the most useful to share creative content?

That is a very hard question I do not really follow any specific magazine at the moment I prefer books and catalogs. There is no rally a reason I just do not have a habit of subscribing magazines.


5. Can you share with us some hints on future projects?

I just finished a tizzy poster for “Neon Demon” movie, it will be published very soon, also it will have it’s animated form. Be sure I will send you this as soon as I can 🙂
And a self-published project I want to do during this summer will be based on Slavoj Zizek’s “THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO CINEMA”, stay updated at www.facebook.com/kukiiwanski


Take a look at the Krzysztof Iwanski Behance profile.