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The Candy Crush Saga beyond the game

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most famous game app of our time, the game produced by King has become a well – known brand in our culture.
During the last year, the famous game has launched a one of a kind licensing operation (Divine Designs with Candy Crush) that boldly entered into the fashion world.


We are all aware of the merchandising industry around great and famous brands, made by regular t-shirts, iPhone cases and another kind of accessories.
Well, the operation launched by Candy Crush goes far beyond the regular merchandising because not only it has involved emerging fashion brands around the world, assuring an incomparable quality of products, but it has been executed with a completely digital approach.


Photo made by One-o.it | Fashion blog curated by Irene Fucci’ s photography


Through a web page, every fashion brand or a designer can now have access to the licensing program and receive the elements in need to produce a collection or a single product with the brand assets of Candy Crush Saga.

Several fashion brands worldwide have joined the operation starting to produce prototypes and new colorful products.
Now is possible to shop these exclusive creations directly from a dedicated shop on the Wowcracy platform.

Great fashion brands with a beautiful story

By navigating the shop is possible to find a one of a kind rotating ring, made by Myriam Soseilos, awarded jewelry designer that exposed her great entrepreneurial story at the TED talks.

SOS CandyCrush01

Then if you’re a lover of the famous candies from the game, you cannot miss the jewelry collection made by the Spanish designer Glenda Lopez, who has designed a set of pendants and rings with the original candies from the game.




But there’s so much more than jewelry into the shop if you love sweatshirts and you’re looking for a new a fresh look for this autumn, the collection designed by the Malaysian designer Edie Chung can be a perfect choice.




An up and running project

These are just a few examples of the creations that you can find, but if you want to explore more, you will find out that Candy Crush Saga has attracted great creatives from the fashion industry and behind the scenes, we’re continuing to assist new fashion brands that are preparing new exciting fashion projects.


Photo made by One-o.it | Fashion blog curated by Irene Fucci’s photography


As I said in the beginning of this post, Candy Crush has really developed a fashion project that goes far beyond the regular merchandising, bringing together quality, creativity and different styles from all over the world.

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