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Useful Facebook post formulas that drive engagement

Before start to explore the practical ideas that you can use to stimulate engagement on your Facebook business page, take a look at these golden rules that every social media marketing blog on the web has published at least once:

1. Post frequently

2. Use images for your Facebook post

3. Use hash tags

4. Take a look to you Facebook page insights

5. Schedule your posts

6. Do not write long posts

7. Use short links

Now that you have clear the golden rules, we can continue to identify very practical examples that can help you out to drive engagement; do you remember the Edgerank?! Well the engagement is when you post something that bring your followers to, share, like, or comment; it’s exactly what you need to have a better chance to involve your followers and have at least a loyal Facebook follower base.

Please read the examples below and find the ones that fit better with your communication tone and your target.


1. Caption this (Photo / Video)

This kind of post is very simple and fun, you can post an image or a video with just this text: Caption this!.

Images or video can be funny pictures or incredible landscapes or amazing fashion shoots; in this case you’re trying to let your followers post a comment on the image, it’s very important that you post something that is aligned with your core business and perceived image.



2. Fill in the Blank (Plain text / Photo)

The Fill in the blank post can be something like this:

My favorite Christmas movie _______

You basically invite your followers to express their opinion; use it to create a dialogue with your followers it doesn’t have to promote a product or a service.



3. “Like” A vs B (Photo)

“Like” A vs B post puts two images in competition, a people can can like the post and at the same time express which photo is best; this kind of post can be used to improve the “Affinity” of you business Facebook page.


A vs B copia


4. Quotes  | Funny statement (Plain text / Photo)

The quotes are among the most shared contents on the web, choose a famous quote from your favorite writer or philosopher and share it with your followers, it creates a lot of empathy, and can very easily bring your followers to share your post.

Remember that people share only if the content is relevant with their very own mindset of values and interests; the quotes can help you to identify in which values your followers are more comfortable with.




I hope that these simple examples have given you useful informations to enhance your communication strategy on Facebook.

If you want to develop a Facebook strategy that can engage with your audience, or work with us, just say hello to: commission@wowcracy.com