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Liam Wong, the Tokyo night filled with neon

Liam Wong is a photographer that during this year has received a lot of attention for his pictures of a dark Tokyo filled with neon. Moreover, Liam is the graphic design director at Ubisoft,  famous game house that gave birth to games like Assassin’s Creed (which i love) Watchdog, Far Cry, and list could go on…

In this interview, he talks about his experience with Ubisoft and the inspiration behind his photography.


You are the graphic designer director at Ubisoft, before get into your amazing photography, can you tell us a little more about your projects at Ubisoft, and which one has been the most challenging? 

A little over 2 years into my career, I moved over 3000 miles from my home in Scotland to Montreal in Canada, becoming the youngest director at Ubisoft, aged 25.

Now three years into my current position, every day is a challenge and it is exactly why I joined Ubisoft – I love to be challenged and to be surrounded by so much talent that I can learn from. The Montreal studio, in particular, is the largest development studio in the world, with over 2500 employees – home to games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Child of Light.


My favourite project has been Far Cry 4 – which was a tremendous learning experience as my directorial debut and as one of six directors on the game.


2. By looking at your last photos I notice a kind of a dark atmosphere, which inspiration and techniques are these photos? 

My main inspiration is the work of Syd Mead, the artist behind the world of Blade Runner. His use of color, contrast and composition have been hugely inspiring for my photography. In ways, I try to bring his vibe back into my photography.




3. Tokyo is the subject of your last project, what fascinate you the most about Tokyo? And which places do you suggest to visit? 

Honestly, all of the areas of Tokyo are fascinating and so diverse. The area I enjoyed the most was Shinjuku, Tokyo’s red-light district – at night it becomes another world.








4 Pokemon Go, what is it your opinion about this game ? 

I am seriously hooked on Pokemon Go, I just recently got back from a trip to New York and was playing it in Central Park. I took over the gyms at Empire State building, Times Square and the New York Times. I cannot wait to see where the game goes – I am a true fan.


5. Can you tell us some hints about your future projects at Ubisoft? 

Aha, it’s not something I can talk about but I can tell you that the projects here are looking and feeling great. We are really bringing the quality up and there is a huge buzz in the studio with our latest announcements of Watch Dogs 2 and For Honor. It’s a great time for us.



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