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Micro-influencer marketing revealed

We’ve heard many times the term “Micro-influencer marketing” as a new technique that can help to get the most out of influencer marketing strategy.

Well, the way to really understand the micro-influencer marketing is to think about it, as the difference between wide and deep.

Working with micro-influencers (10,000 followers or less) give you the advantage to reach in a more precise and deep way the target audience that can be interested in buying your product.


Moreover, according to a research made by Nielsen, the 84% customers trust peer recommendations over brand advertising.

And if we make a comparison between celebrity influencers with millions of followers against micro-influencers, what comes out from a study made by Digiday is that micro influencers (from 1,000 to 10,000 followers) have a like rate around 4%, while the most followed influencers those with 1-10 million followers have a like ratio of 1,7%.

Obviously, the 1,7% of 1 million is much bigger than the 4% of 10,000, but if you work with multiple micro-influencers the result will be much more relevant.


Sarah Ware – CEO Markerly

Sarah Ware, CEO of Markerly, said that when they worked with influencers like Jenner and Kardashian sisters on Instagram on behalf of a famous brand the celebrities bring hundreds of conversions, but by working with 30-40 “micro-influencers”, the brand was able to convert much more that the celebrity posts.

In order to find the micro-influencers that can be useful for your brand, you can use tools like Ninja Outreach, Followerwonk, and Gnack.

Plan and execute a micro-influencer strategy can be hard work, but the results will be valuable for your brand.

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