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The secret behind amazing marketing

Everyone of us has heard about Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, SEO and several techniques that can help us to reach new customers and audiences.

Well as 2016 is almost finished, I start to think about what really drive sales, conversions and all of that.

I saw how certain agencies work (with clients like: Reebok, Calzedonia, Booking.com) to deliver web marketing services, and I really start to question the methodology, because all was driven by executing actions without a clear vision for the client. And without a serious proposal to create something valuable.

Well, I think that behind every good marketing strategy, there’s just one thing: VALUE.

Every serious agency or business has to deliver value for their clients, which means that have to put effort and passion, in order to execute a vision for the client/customer, not just a series of activities.

It’s not a big deal to excel in whatever marketing activity with the correct budget and good creativity.

 And the only way to transform our visions, in reality, is to focus on Value.

When I talk about Value, I think about the difference between Wide and Deep, there are so many businesses that focus just on reaching a wider audience, without caring about understanding very well their clients, while the real thing is to focus deeply on who are our clients in order to deliver value and to make a constructive path (analysing every step )together.


That’s why as company we really like to start a conversation, and share with businesses our vision and ideas to grow their business, whether is concentrating on digital marketing , retail strategy, web development  or licensing.

You can start a conversation with us in every moment at commission@wowcracy.com