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Measurement & Influencer Marketing can stay together

Influencer marketing continues to attract more marketers and marketing dollars, and the prices are rising as well.
In accordance to E-marketer, on Instagram only, brands have invested 570 million dollars in 2016.

As more money flows into this industry, the more companies need to be sure that there’s a real value in activating influencer marketing campaigns.

Vanity Metrics?

We know that is very simple to measure “Vanity Metrics”, which comprehend, likes, comments, and followers; but it’s very difficult to track sales from influencer marketing campaigns, at least this is a general idea, that I’ve discovered by reading several articles.

“Measurement is very difficult in Influencer Marketing…”

Well, I don’t agree with that idea, I believe that it depends on the kind of campaign that a brand launches with the influencer.

To be more clear, if a brand just uses an Instagram paid post, without a coupon code, or a Call To Action that invites followers to do a precise action (leaving email on a landing page or use a hashtag etc…), it’s clear that the measurement cannot be very precise.

It starts with your business goal!

It all starts with the business goal that a brand wants to achieve, and a clear set of micro-conversions to measure.
It’s always more simple to start with micro-conversions, the idea that people must buy instantly as they see a product, is like thinking to propose a marriage at the first appointment.

Measurement is possible in influencer marketing when it’s set correctly from the beginning, it just needs to be partially treated differently from the paid Adv on Facebook and other Adv systems.

With a deep measurement, it’s possible to understand in advance the kind of response that followers have to the organic posts made by an influencer, how do they respond to sponsored posts, and if there are interesting data about sales generated by an influencer, in previous campaigns.

Then there’s a variable to consider, which is the product, you can target the perfect audience, at the right time, with the right influencer, but sometimes, people just don’t fall in love with the productor the price, there are so many variables…

In conclusion, measurement in influencer marketing is not just important because companies can understand the outcomes of the campaigns, but it’s also important because it can give to companies the chance to get closer to their audiences, by asking them to do small actions before a sale, and this is a great way to build a relationship with people.

If you’re curious to know in advance the results of a potential influencer marketing campaign for your brand or your clients, take 1-minute to visit us here.

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