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Meet the influencer: Kimi Peri

As we get into Influencer Marketing by providing a place for businesses and influencers to work together, we want to introduce all those bloggers and influencers that want to share their experience and opinion with our readers and brands.
This is the second interview of “Meet the influencer” with Kimi Peria fashion blogger with a kind of unreal style.
Describe how did you first get into blogging?
Simply following my passion. I grew up with it.
From your point of view, what is the best social media to drive engagement? And why?
I think Instagram has always been one of the most important platforms since you can share content from anywhere at any time and you have a wonderful opportunity to recognize new people and explore wonderful things. It’s the perfect platform to connect everything else. The new functions like Insta Stories and Live Videos make everything much more personal too.
How much time do you put in the creation of content?
It’s like a full-time job to me.I want to be happy with my content and work as long as I’m satisfied with it.
Which kind of story do you want to tell with your social media channels?
I want to show people that individuality is a big topic these days and want to achieve more acceptance toward different appearances & lifestyles. Life isn’t about following rules, it’s about creating magic and positive energy right into this world and our surrounding.
Which kind of content drives more engagement?
Photos are always a good content but videos or small clips, whether on YouTube or Instagram are highly welcomed these days.
Which kind of brands do you prefer to work with?
I like to work with smaller, more unknown brands who want to live out their passion, not doing it only for the money you know. From Kawaii, Korean stuff to wild, grungy alternative brands with rock/punk/metal & vintage elements. This is stuff that I love.
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