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3 Challenges within influencer marketing

Today I started my day taking a look at a survey that we’re running within our network of brands, regarding the state of the art of digital marketing in 2017.

In the survey, we asked to identify the biggest problems that brands have encountered by investing in digital marketing and the most interesting marketing practices that they would love to try during this year.

When talking about problems that most companies have encountered, here the most critical ones:

1.Negative ROI;
2.Post regularly on social media;
3.Maintain engagement with the followers.

These 3 main problems refer to digital marketing in general, but I think that can be also true to influencer marketing campaigns, and I want to explain why I think these are the challenges that Influencer marketing has to face.


  1. Measure the exact ROI of influencer marketing campaigns

I’ve read a lot of articles about this matter, and I think you have done the same 🙂

Well, I think that there’s a major problem when we talk about measuring the impact of influencer marketing. Too many campaigns are centered on measuring the awareness (which is easy) and these campaigns do not always think in advance that by using certain platforms is very difficult to obtain clear data of the ROI.

For example, Instagram doesn’t allow to insert direct links to our posts, so if a campaign has not being structured to tell to the users what to do, like post images with a hashtag, insert an email with a code on a specific landing page, it becomes almost impossible to track down the results.

Then there’s the demographic problem, are the product in line with the audience of the influencer? And most importantly, does the audience have the financial resources to buy our product?

So in order to measure the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns, I think that it’s fundamental to make a very deep analysis of the target audience of the influencer, and also a very careful preparation of the message and the image in order to make the content fit naturally within the influencer’s feed.

2. Post regularly on social media

All over the internet, every expert says that it’s important to post constantly on social media and to nurture our audience with valuable content.

Well, this rule, applies perfectly also with influencer marketing campaigns, don’t you think so?

Make one single post doesn’t produce results, I can tell this by a brutal experience.
2 years ago we made a product placement Instagram post with a famous Russian model, 1 million followers, and every post reached more than 20K interactions!

Amazing, but we made just one single post, and the results were poor.

The situation could be totally different if there were a plan to create more posts and photos on the Instagram profile.

Obviously is much bigger investment, but the company gets, more exposure, more content and also the most important thing, which is building a relationship with the influencer, and with their audience 😉

So we all know that it’s a hard work to post every day and to create content, but what of we see an influencer marketing campaign not only as a promotional tool but also as a valid social media content production technique?

3. Maintain engagement with followers

Get the attention of followers every day is not easy and from what I see, it can be a problem that some influencers will face during this year.
I explain to you why I think this; well with the increase of paid post and influencer marketing campaigns, and the introduction of the FTC regulation.

We will see an increasing number of branded contents, and usually, the branded contents have worst performance results that the authentic ones.
This open up the discussion on the problem with authenticity, which is the main characteristic of great social media content.

Gary Vaynerchuck is great in maintaining engagement with his followers’ base.

I think that these 3 challenges are in some way connected, in order to generate ROI it’s important to post constantly on social media and vary the content, in order to maintain the engagement with the followers.
If you have experiences that can enlarge this list don’t hesitate to contact me at commission@wowcracy.com and take a look at our newest creation for savy Influencer Marketing. 

Wish you a great day