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4 Facebook Ads killer Tricks

Hey, would you like to know useful information on how to set a Facebook ads campaign?

Well if you are planning to make some advertising for your brand, first you have to know that it’s a wise choice, because users spend the 57% of their time online, on social media!

When I think about Facebook I see it as the king of the display advertising, and it’s absolutely fundamental for those brands that want to increase awareness and sales.

Well in this post I’ve grouped for you the concepts and the tools that you need to use in order to make a successful Facebook Ads campaign, so let’s start!

1. Study your target with Audience Insights

I imagine that you’ve already heard that you need to know your target audience, in order to make effective advertising campaigns.

So you have to know that Facebook provides you a powerful tool to study your target audience, it’s called the Audience Insights, you can access to it by entering into your Ads Manager on Facebook.
In the image below you can see how the audience insights appear.

Household income view

Imagine to have a product perfectly designed for American women, with an interest for Marilyn Monroe, by using correctly this tool you can find the pages that this target like the most, if they use mobile or desktop, their household income, so you can see if your pricing make sense with them, and much more.


All these pieces of information can be used to define the tone of voice of your communication, the promotional image and also the preferred product to advertise.
If you have a list of existing clients, you can also insert it in the Audience insights and see what your customers really like.

2. Create a Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel keep track of the visits related to your ads campaigns on Facebook and also track specific actions that users make on your website/e-commerce, like adding an item to cart, complete a registration to the newsletter, complete a purchase and son on.

It’s fundamental to have a Facebook pixel when you make advertising campaign with the platform, that’s why the pixel saves all the users that make an action.

This means that as you continue to make ads campaigns you will end up by making specific advertising for users that have already visited your website or complete a purchase.

If you want to generate sales with Facebook Ads, you must install a Facebook Pixel, period.

3. Define the audience for the campaign

When you create ads on Facebook you have to define your audience.
You can define every aspect of your audience, age, gender, interest, demographic and so on.

But I don’t want to bore you with the list of the targeting features because you will be able to see it very clearly on the platform.

The interesting part of setting the audience is the possibility to find very specific niches, that may be interested in your product.
Imagine that you have a bag with the print of Marilyn Monroe, a very luxury bag.

Well, with the narrow audience you can target women that have an interest in luxury bags (and have a high income), and at the same time have an interest for Marilyn Monroe.
This means that you can be very precise.

So when you define an audience don’t target millions of people, it doesn’t make sense, if you want to mean something for everybody, you will end up by meaning nothing for everybody.

4. A/B test – Relentlessly

Now you have the perfect product, the perfect audience, well it’s time to prepare the communication message and launch your campaign.

My 2 cents for you is to prepare at least 2 campaigns with different messages and images and launch them to the same audience.

Then after 2 days take a look at the results and you will be able to see which one is performing better, maybe you will discover that women from 24 – 35 years have the lowest CPC (cost per click), and you can redesign an Ads just for them and skyrocket the clicks and conversion.


By my point of view these 4 notions can really help to start to have the correct mindset when preparing an Ads with Facebook, and at the same time to find the products that can work better for promotion.

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