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The Principles to make your Marketing more Influential

Okay, it’s time to talk about which kind of messages are more effective in these years.

I think that we’re in the middle of epic power shift, from institutions towards individuals.

All over the world there’s a lack of trust in the institutions, if we think about Brexit, Donald Trump’s election and the rise of populism, it’s clear that people feel forgotten by the rulers, and as result the trust is now placed more in other peers, rather than institutions, experts and so on. Take a look at the Trendwatch Report.

This shift of power has an impact also on how brands need to communicate effectively with nowadays consumers.

How to make Digital Marketing more influential?

There are 3 principles that need to be used in modern marketing, in order to craft campaigns and strategies that work, and these principles are aspiration, empowerment, and unity.


Aspiration has always been one of the most powerful drivers to influence consumers, in the past, people use to buy stuff to be as their neighbor or the movie star or the rock star.

There’s nothing new in aspiration as a driver, the huge difference today is that the social media are playing an important role in this.

Not just celebrities, but influencers are driving a lot of attention. If you’re selling products you need to understand how your products fit into the aspirational lifestyle of your target audience.

Desires and aspirations of your customers are in plain view, you just need to do the homework and find the way to take the existing demand and channel it into your products.


We all want to be a better version of ourselves, we read, watch and read contents to improve our abilities or to learn more about specific topics.

And Brands today can provide content created to empower their customers, like white papers, video tutorials, guides and so on.

Make empowerment content it’s always about what matters for your customers the most, and give pragmatic and positive messages is the way to go.

Powerful campaign fo the Beats headphones.

If you sell fashion items of furniture, maybe you can create DIY (do it yourself) contents around your product category; who better then you know how to make the product that you sell?!


Unity’s a very simple principle, today brands need to demonstrate that they share the same values of their customers, in order to create a meaningful relationship with them.

If you take as an example the horrible Pepsi “live for now” campaign, it’s a failed attempt to create unity with the customers.

So when you work on the next campaign don’t hide your real point of view on how you see the world, whether you believe that the climate change it’s a scam or whether you believe that it’s not; by the way, by my point of view, climate it’s real, VERY REAL!

I want to thank you for reading this post, hope that you find useful information if you want to say hello and talk about your point of view just write to commission@wowcracy.com

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