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At Vogue Talents | Wowcracy Stories 001

October 2012

I remember being sit in the waiting room at Condé Nast building in Milan (Piazzale Luigi Cadorna 5), that morning I woke up super early to be in time for the first meeting with the editors of Vogue Talents.

Condé Nast Headquarters – Milano October 2012


I was with my business partner of the time, both excited to present to the editors our new venture, a fashion crowdfunding platform named Wowcracy.

The editorial team was very excited about the idea of a digital solution designed to solve one of the biggest problems for emerging designers, funding.

Me and my business partner in the waiting room of Condé Nast – Milano – October 2012

The editor in chief of Vogue Talents, came up with the idea to launch a contest that gave to the designers the chance to be featured in the magazine.
To participate the brands had to present their upcoming collections on the Wowcracy platform.

We accepted, and leave the meeting with the promise to find a name for the contest and provide all the communication material in need to launch it properly.

But, when I get back to home, I received an email… and I felt fear and excitement at the same time, he was back, and I realize that I had to take a plane, once again…