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How to define Lead magnets for your business

To increase the number of emails of new potential clients (leads), every business has to launch lead generation campaigns, in order to create an effective lead generation campaign, it’s important to define powerful lead magnets.

What is it a lead magnet?

During your online experience you may have found pages that offer to you a free content like a white paper, a research, a series of tutorial videos in exchange of your email and contact information; well all these kind of free contents are defined as Lead Magnet.
Below you can find some examples of lead magnets.

How to define a lead magnet for my business?

To create a lead magnet for your business, you need to define the business goal, usually is to increase the number of paying customers, or the number of readers of an online magazine.

Now that you have a clear view of the business goal in general, you need to be more specific and define, which product/service you want to sell, if you sell different products/services, you may have to define specific lead magnets for each product or service.

It’s important to be specific, otherwise, you will risk reaching the wrong audience.
If you want to attract young people interested in summer products, you have to define a lead magnet that can be related to this audience.

Provide real value

When you have to define your Lead Magnet, you need to focus on something that can provide real value for your target audience.
To start to ask yourself these questions: What can I teach? or What can I offer?

If you know specific processes to create products or services that can be interesting and valuable for your new potential clients, well create a white-paper, an audio or a video.

Remember to create something that can be interesting and useful for your target audience, it has to be a valuable experience that they can re-use in their lives.

What to do with the new leads?

When you have new emails of potential clients, you need to nurture them with new information and contents, on a weekly basis, with a newsletter campaign.
In order to be successful, define at least 3/4 contents that can be related to the initial lead magnet, it’s important to keep coherence before make a commercial offer.
Well, that’s all about the lead magnets, hope that this content can help you to start to think in the right direction to build your next lead generation campaign.
A good lead generation campaign is always attached to an automated marketing process, but this is another topic that I will cover in future posts.

If you want to talk with me of with us about digital marketing campaigns to increase your clients, don’t hesitate to contact us at commission@wowcracy.com.

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