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How to Make Advertising that make people want to buy

During our experience, we’ve worked with more than 1300 brands from more than 60 countries, and every time that a new campaign was up and running, it was immediately clear if the campaign will be successful or not.

Running advertising campaigns is like whispering to a big audience and find those that are interested in hearing our message.

In order to create a link between an advertising message and the customer’s mind we need to know our customer very well (analyse customer persona), and focus our message on “why” the product/service we’re promoting is important for them, if you think about McDonald’s, what they really sell is time; they offer a quick way to eat, not just hamburgers.

Then we need to find how to reach our customers, and nowadays the quickest and effective way to reach people is to use social media channels; consider that on average a person stays 2 hours a day on social media, this is a huge shift from just 3 years ago.

So if we want to make resonate an Advertising message with our audience, we need to know our audience very well, craft a message that is “Why” a person should buy and use the channels where there’s the highest amount of attention (people connected).

Today we can say that social media have become the tv, the radio, and the newspaper, all in one; the ways we choose to communicate generates different kind of marketing practices, from Influencer marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing to Content marketing and so on.

On a final note, in order to craft a great message we also need to love the process of testing different approaches and different messages, it’s a quest, not a one shot one kill.