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5 Fundamental Ecommerce conversion tactics

Growing sales online is tough work, you’ve probably experienced moments of stress when you didn’t quite understand why few users complete a purchase from your e-commerce.

Even if you have a lot of traffic or effective campaigns, your e-commerce it’s the ultimate real conversion tool.
I wanted to share with you some tactics to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce, all these tactics are the results of multiple tests that we’ve conducted over the years at Wowcracy.

1. Reduce choices: Products category

When users navigate your Ecommerce, they want to find quickly what they are looking for, so organize your E-commerce with few clear categories.

If you have a womenswear collection, whether it’s a super luxury brand or a mass market clothing line, users want to find immediately what they’re searching.

2. Mobile FIRST

Your e-commerce has to be Mobile friendly, it’s imperative to let customers complete a purchase from their mobile device and iPad.
Consider that the half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices and the 40% of users will go to the competitor after a bad mobile experience.

3. Shipping & Returns: Must be Easy

Always include the shipping on your product page, users don’t want to crawl around your commerce to find out when they will receive a product from you.
Be clear on the return policy and the shipping costs, if you find a way to do a free shipping is much better for your conversion rate.

4. Comments & Reviews

Reviews from other users can convince new customers of purchasing a product from your e-commerce.
Consider that the Millennials, trust peer to peer recommendations more than Ads and expert comments, so it’s fundamental if you have a brand that works with this generation to have in place an area from the review made from other users.
If you don’t have reviews yet, never publish a product page with 0 reviews, it will make just more damage.

5. Put in place a Mktg automation

When you have customers that save some of your products in their cart, store their emails and send to them automated messages, that remember that they have a certain product in the cart.

Consider that sometimes people just forget about a product that they wanted to buy, so alway be proactive and remember to them, but don’t be pushy.
These are some of the most important tactics to put in place when you’re optimizing your commerce page, then there are even more interesting tricks but depends on the kind of product or service that you want to sell.
If you want to talk with us about your e-commerce optimization, write to commission@wowcracy.com.

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