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The power of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation sounds like a cold word, sometimes even negative, but it’s a fundamental structure that every business needs to build in order to work properly in the digital environment.

I wanted to write this post in order to illustrate the benefits and how it works, by telling you a story so it will be very clear and simple to understand.

Scenario 1 – The loyal customers

Imagine to own a brand of clothes, you have a mailing list of customers that have already made a purchase from your shop, and you want to keep them informed about your activity and at the same time propose to them regular offers, how do you do it?

Well, you will put in place a series of 3 automatic newsletters that inform your clients about interesting contents related to your products, at the 4th communication the system sends a newsletter with a clear offer, imagine to giving the chance to order a new product of your shop with a special discount.

All the users that click on the call to action and redeem the offer on your landing page, will enter in a new mailing list dedicated to the features of the new product that you have in the promotion.
Every week they will receive a newsletter about this product until they finalize the purchase.

For all the users that don’t click on the call to action to redeem the offer, they will be inserted in a different mailing list dedicated to other topics related to your brand, until the next offer.

This is an example of marketing automation applied to your existing customers, this technique can help to keep informed your customer base and at the same time to understand what they want to buy or not.

Scenario 2 – New Customer Acquisition

Now you’re a design brand and you’re preparing for an important tradeshow, let’s imagine that you will take part in the Salone del Mobile in Milano.

You want to acquire new potential customers for your brand, in order to do that, you create a special landing page that gives the chance to a targeted audience (Passionate people about design – based in Europe, that love brand similar to yours), to attend at your special event and to receive a special discount if they subscribe to your exclusive list.

You launch a Facebook Ads campaign to reach this audience, they click on your ads, land on you landing page and subscribe to your list; perfect!

Now you have a list of people that are perfectly on target, and they have access to a special discount to spend on you e-commerce.

Now they enter in a series of 14 automatic emails designed to send to them 4 offers in a period of 60 days, in this thread of emails you will offer different offers to different product categories, by always remembering them the special event at the Salone del Mobile.

At the end of this process you will end up by having mailing list of new potential customers categorized by “Product category”, you will be able to send useful information about chairs, only to people that have expressed interest in chairs, and information about a particular kind of lamps only to those that love this specific kind of lamps.

This is an example of Marketing Automation and can help you to save time, potentially you will be able to go on vacation and have in place a system that works for you and constantly provide new customers and real engagement.