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How do we think about Social Media

Today users pass almost 2 hours per day on social media platforms. Just 4 years ago having a strategic presence on social media was extremely important, today it’s mandatory.

Moreover now half of the traffic comes from mobile devices, and this force every brand to optimize the communication in a way that can be consumed on every device.

But what’s more important it’s that now social media, especially Facebook can be considered as the television of our time; what I mean by that…

The attention of the people is on Facebook, to reach the eyeballs of new customers we all need to plan advertising messages on Facebook knowing that we have to respect the tool and adapt our communication to the style of the platform.

Then we have Instagram, a perfect tool to reach millennials, it’s different from Facebook, in order to drive attention you need to work in producing great images and give a hint of the “behind the scene” of your brand.

Snapchat, the tool to communicate with GenZ, so to reach this audience you have to plan a strategy on Snapchat, avoiding to make advertising messages but involving this audience with DIY and funny contents.

To conclude, we think that it’s absolutely important to use social media, avoiding interruption messages, all the communication has to be inserted natively in the feeds of the users, and this requires to know very well who’s your target audience.

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