7 Facebook Ad Optimization Tricks to Skyrocket your conversions

When it’s time to find useful Facebook Ad Optimization articles to increase your sales and leads, you will find always the same suggestions, like “Install Facebook Pixel” or “Create a Facebook Audience”.

That’s pretty basic, isn’t it?

If you want to optimize the outcomes of your campaigns, you need to see an improvement in your results.

But let’s take a closer look at the goals that you will reach, once you have read this article:

a. Increase your ads’ click-through rates
b. Lower your ad campaign’s cost-per-click
c. Reach even more high-ROI audiences
d. Lower your cost-per-acquisition
e. Increase your sales results at the same ad budget

Sounds difficult? Yes, it is!
But if you want to beat your performance and increase your results, it’s important to put effort and methodology.

Let’s see these “Tricks” and how to use it properly to meet your business goals.

1. Make Ads with Likes & Shares to Increase Social Proof

Having a Facebook Ad with a lot of likes and shares can be extremely helpful to drive more clicks and engagement, why?
Because when you see an Ad with a lot of likes and shares, you immediately think that the advertised product or service it’s a good one.

It’s the same logic used by service providers when they insert the comments of previous customers.

But let’s take a closer look at how to do it easily.

When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, you’ve got two options:

– Create New Ad
– Use Existing Post

Choose the “Use Existing Post” option, it’s the perfect way to optimize your likes and shares on your Ad.

If you were impressed by the incredible engagement of some advertising messages that you’ve seen, this is the trick that has been used 😉

The easiest way to set up multiple ad campaigns using the same post is to first publish the promotional post on your company’s Facebook Page.

By using this method you will increase your Ads CTR (click through rate) and you have a good chance to increase the results of your ads by using the same budget. Not a bad way to start.

2. Optimize you Ad Schedule

Do you run your Facebook campaigns 24/7?

If the answer is yes, you should reconsider and find the days and hours in which your Ad is performing best.

This is important if you want to lower your cost per acquisition (CPA).

To see which weekdays contribute to the most conversions at the lowest CPA, go to your Facebook Ads Manager reports and use the Breakdown menu to break down your campaigns by Day.

Then you can adjust your Ad schedule by selecting in which days hours run your ads.

Note that you can only run this type of schedule when you select “Lifetime” as your budgeting option.

If you use correctly this optimization strategy you will be able to identify in which our of the day you can reach the audiences that generate the highest ROI for your business.

3. Optimize your Ad Frequency

When you run your campaigns, your messages are shown to your audiences many times.

This means that after your target audience has seen your Facebook Ad for 2-3 times or more, the cost-per-click will increase.

Obviously, if you’re targeting a small audience this will happen much quicker rather than a bigger one.

You can see the Ad frequency at the Ad set level, as soon as you see that your Ad surpass the 2.0 frequency start to change the visual of you Ad, or modify your Ad schedule delivery to reach different audiences during the day.

If you use correctly this method you can stabilize your CPA, or lower your cost per click. 

4. Optimize your ad placement

The placement of your Ads has a huge role in your campaign performance.

Directly from Facebook Business center

These are the available placements for your ads, directly from Facebook Business help center.


Your ads can appear in the desktop News Feed (for people accessing the Facebook website on their laptops or desktop computers) and/or the mobile News Feed (for people using the Facebook app on mobile devices or accessing the Facebook website through a mobile browser).

Your ads appear in groups on Facebook.

Right Column
Your ads appear in the right-side columns across Facebook. Right column ads only appear to people browsing Facebook on their computer.

Instant Articles
Your ads appear in Instant Articles within the Facebook mobile app and Messenger. Learn more about Instant Articles.

In-Stream Video
Your ads appear as short videos in both Live video and Video on Demand on Facebook. Learn more about in-stream video.


Your ads can appear in the desktop Feed (for people accessing the Instagram website on their laptops or desktop computers) as well as your Feed on mobile (for people using the Instagram app on mobile devices or accessing the Instagram website through a mobile browser).

Your ads can appear in people’s stories on Instagram. Ads in stories only appear to people browsing stories on Instagram. Learn more about ads on stories in Instagram.

Sponsored Messages

Your ads appear as messages that are delivered directly to a person when they have an existing conversation with your in Messenger. Learn more about sponsored messages.
Audience Network

Your ads appear on apps and websites in the Audience Network. With Audience Network, you can extend your ads beyond Facebook to reach your audiences on mobile apps and websites, desktop websites and connected TV apps.

Good, now that you have a full view of all the placements available, you need to know that you can check on which placement your ads are performing better.

To uncover your top-performing ad placements, log in to Facebook Ads Manager and use the Breakdown menu to break down your campaigns by Placement.

After you’ve discovered your top-performing ad placements, go optimize your campaigns accordingly:

  • Increase your bids on the top-performing ad placements
  • If an ad placement performs below all expectations, simply remove it from your ad set

5. A/B Test your Ads

This is a pretty simple concept, but it’s a crucial one.
Every campaign needs to be tested on every level, from the copy to the image to the Call to actions.

Take a look at these examples from famous brands:

Autopilot A/B test

Adespresso A/B test:

Deelite A/B test:

Well as you can see, these are just a few examples of A/B tests, it’s important to understand that whether you may like a graphic proposal more than another, you should give a try to all the versions available.

It’s the market that will decide, what works.

If you make a good work with A/B test, you can reach incredible results, like lower your CPA, skyrocket your clicks and find the high ROI leads for your business.

It’s the principle of scientific approach! Trial & Error, it’s simple as that.

6. Select the right campaign objective

As you set up a new Facebook ad campaign, the first thing you need to do is to select your campaign objective.

It’s fundamental to choose the right one because Facebook will optimize your campaigns around the goal that you’ve chosen in first place.

But how to decide which goal is the right for your campaign?

The answer relies on the business goals that you want to reach with your campaign. If you want to collect emails of new subscribers for your brand, the right choice is “Conversion” goal. If you want to learn how the conversion optimization works, click here.

So if you choose the right campaign goal you will be able to measure the KPI that matter for your business without wasting money in vanity metrics.

7. Optimize Age, Region & Sex of your Audience

Last but not least, you need to breakdown your campaign to find which age groups respond better to your Ad.

Maybe you will discover that your ideal target audience of 18-24 is not responding to your message, while the age group of 50+ is clicking your Ads wildly.

This means that you need to change something in your communication, and you have to A/B test the content of your Ad.

Then you have to check which region is responding better, which sex and so on.
As you have may already be understood, by breakdown your campaign you can analyze your ads performance on more than 25 different parameters.

How you decide to breakdown and analyze your performance will have a huge impact on your results.


Optimize your Ads doesn’t come immediately, you need to play on many different variables, you need patience and a precise strategy to follow with precision.

Hope that you have found this article useful and that will help in navigating your business.

If you want to comment use the section below to let me know your opinion.