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THE NEW SILK ROAD – A bridge to the Asian Market for Fashion brands

Wowcracy have opened a strategic alliance with Seta Capital, advisory firm specialized in cross border business partnerships and commercial alliances, between Asia and Europe.

Fashion brands have the possibility to tap into the asian market with the support of an experienced international firm in a simplified and secure process. Open business relationships in Asia require a deep comprehension of the market and a full knowledge of the different laws and regulations.

The strategic and financial value through business combination between Asia and Europe, can be significant and we are now unlocking this opportunity to those fashion brands that think to Asia as a strong commercial market.

How it works

Fashion brands that want to enter in the process, just need to start and publish a new project on Wowcracy platform, with all the informations about wholesale prices and retail prices.

As the project will be online the informations will be inserted in an official documentation that will be analyzed and submitted to commercial buyers and distributors in Asia.

The projects that will enter in the process will benefit of a lower transaction fee, fixed to 7% (instead 15%), this will enable the fashion brands involved to run pre-order campaigns with an higher net profit.

Wowcracy and Seta Capital are proud to offer this new opportunity, just write commission@wowcracy.com for more informations and assistance.