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Why Sadiq Khan AD ban has nothing to do with Islam

Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) is working with the TFL (Transport for London) to ban advertisements that could cause body confidence issues.


The last year an advertising made by Protein world (with the slogan: Are you beach body ready?) rouse a high number of complaints.

 A Change.org petition collected 70,000 signatures.


By reading several comments on social media,  what emerges is a furious conversation whether this ban is matter of religion (islam to be clear).

So why this ban has nothing to do with religion:

1. The “Ban” consists in the creation of a “steering group” that will help agencies like Exterion Media and JCD Decaux to monitor and review complaints.

This means that there will be additional guidelines (guidelines not laws) to individuate those advertising messages that could cause body confidence issues.

We all have bodies, men and women, so nothing to do with islamic religion.

2. It’s clear that the Advertising Standards Association will continue to do its job.

All advertisements will still go through the process established by the association.

Here i don’t think that the Advertising Standards Association is an arm armed of any religion.

3. The ban is a response to the complaints emerged in 2015 in regards of the Protein World advertising campaign. So the Khan’s AD ban is a response to a reaction from the London’s community…

To conclude, i think that making an example is a great way to get to the point of the Khan’s AD ban:

Can you imagine an AD campaign that sells products for hair regrowing, that shows an image of a muscled hairy guy smiling, with a tagline that says ” Are your hair ready for romantic dinner tonight?

How could possibly feel bald men about themselves, in watching this message every morning while taking the tube?