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The magical photos of Mika Suutari

By looking at the Mika Suutari’s photos (photographer based in Finland) is almost impossible to not being caught by the magical atmosphere captured in his pictures. Winner of the prestigious Trierenberg super circuit, in this interview Mika Suutari explain the inspiration behind his pictures and his future plans.


1. Your works have a sort of magical atmosphere, from the landscapes to the wildlife photos, can you tell us how did you start as a photographer? And when did you approach this kind of photography?

When I started photography, I shot nearly everything I could find in the nature.  A few years later, i bought a macro lens and started shooting close-ups.
I shot close-ups for several years, shooting mainly plants. Already then, my images had the same kind of mood as they have now.
You could say that the plants have been changed to characters in my images, and a macro-lens changed to a wide-angle lens.

In recent years, i have been dealing with some difficult issues in my personal life that i have been processing through photography.
Photography has been, and is, very therapeutic for me.




2. As iI said previously you are specialized in landscapes photography, can you share with us some basic tips on how to correctly set a landscape photo?

I haven’t thought of myself as a landscape photographer. Most of the times, the main theme in my images is not the landscape, but instead a figure in the landscape.
The most important thing for me in an image is the mood, not so much the landscape itself, or technical quality of the image.
A good photograph is the result of the right moment, good light, and the photographer’s vision.


3. With the photo “You have to understand, I’m leaving now” you’ve won the gold medal at the Trierenberg super circuit – the world largest photography contest, can you tell us the process behind the creation of the winner photo?

The photo is a composite of two images. It has been taken near our house on a fall evening. I wanted a wistful mood in the image, and in my view, the character fading out into the distant portrays that well.



4. Which blogs do you consider important to stay updated on new creative trends? And which digital platforms are the most useful to share creative content?
I don’t read blogs very much, and I’m not very interested in the latest technology. I share my images through several social media platforms for visibility, the most important being Behance, Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram. One day, I’m hoping to make a living as a photographer.


5. Can you share with us some hints on future projects?
I’m already anxiously waiting for fall, foggy mornings, and clear starry skies. During summer, I have been taking note of the places that I’m going to visit in the fall.
In the summer, I’m planning to shoot consequent images for the Dystopia series. And in the fall, my plan is to shoot more images for the Lunar effect series, which is my personal favorite.
We’ll see what happens 🙂



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