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Making art with paper, Asya Kozina & Dima Koziny

Asya Kozina and Dima Koziny are two artists from Russian, that creates dresses, wigs, and several different kinds of objects by using paper as main material.
The results are spectacular, it’s like a kind of origami but with a level of complexity and technique beyond  the common idea that we all have about paper creations.
1. You’re one of I kind artist, you create amazing dresses and wigs with paper, white paper. Can you tell us why do you like to work with this material? 
First of all, the paper allows implementing quick and easy ideas that we imagine. As far, we work mostly with wigs and costumes, it’s hard to imagine what other material could go so well. We create, above all, a work of art, rather than clothes or accessories. Textiles or other similar material would look too literally. Our task is to ignore the literal reading of the suit as the practical thing and create an artistic thing. Our work also includes the creation of large and small sculptures, reliefs. We came to the conclusion that the paper is able to realize any of our ideas. In fact, this is a very pragmatic choice, since this material is a very convenient for us.
2. Can you share with an easy process to create a small and simple creation with paper? 
Nowadays there are a great number of video and photo workshops, and it’s not difficult to find material on which you can learn. The main thing, of course, the desire. There is not a special secret. It depends on the artist on what means of expression he uses to convey the idea of the project. The only advice we can give to all who want to do something out of the paper is to take the paper, scalpel, see the work of other artists and try to cut, fold, glue and fold again. If a person feels that he is interested in working with this material, he can easily find the supporting information, which we discussed above.
3. What part of the process excites you the most she you start a new project?
It all starts with an idea, and again with a sheet of paper. This moment can definitely be considered one of the most exciting. Sketching, its development, variations. Sometimes this process is an inspiration, then this is a special case. We, as people who have heard the familiar melody, trying to catch her and develop. And, of course, the final stage of work on the object, at this moment you feel a whole bunch of excitement and enjoyment.
4. Which blogs and magazines do you consider important to stay updated on new creative trends? And which digital platforms are the most useful to share creative content?
Today, unfortunately, we hardly find time for to follow the artistic trends and innovations. But one of the most successful platforms, which helps to remain in touch with the latest creative projects and share your own is behance.net.
The internet itself now gives far more interesting and useful information. With a variety of platforms, such as pinterest.cominstagram.com can follow the work of artists of interest to you. It’s great that artists find time to conduct photo blogs. Their work inspires you to not give up and always keep on doing something. It is remarkable that an artist can have such a platform and receive a live response from its fans and colleagues. Such a return used to be possible only at the opening of the exhibition.
5. Can you share with us some hints on future projects? 
We are pleased to share! At the moment, we begin to work on two sculptures in the park of the resort town of Lucerne in Switzerland. One of the works is a Sleeping Beauty, this story is typical for many European fairy tales. But in our interpretation Sleeping Beauty sleeps in a suit that would be relevant after 100 years when she awakening. Now it is a huge number of negotiations on various international projects and we think it’s too early declare them, as this is still an evolving dynamic process. But we are sure that soon we will have something to surprise and please you.