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Moschino X Candy Crush and secret Fashion Collections

everybody knows that Moschino has signed up a capsule collection in collaboration with Candy Crush.
The capsule collection it’s perfect in tune with the artistic direction of the fashion brand, that has signed multiple collections inspired to pop culture’s icon, like Mc Donald’s, Barbie and so on.

The new capsule collection with Candy Crush features just 4 products and has been launched at the Coachella 2017, with a special party that has seen the participation of celebrities like, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora.

Emily Ratajkowski

Do you love the concept of Fashion applied to Candy Crush?

If you have loved this collaboration between Moschino and Candy Crush, you cannot miss an incredible set of collaborations that Candy Crush made with super talented emerging designers from all over the world.

Take a look at Divine Designs with Candy Crush.

Divine Designs with Candy Crush, it’s the exclusive destination for talented emerging fashion brands that want to collaborate with Candy Crush, you will be able to find rotating rings, full collections for women, designed by one of the most famous Turkish designer and vinyl bags created to be used on every occasion.

Take a look at Divine Designs with Candy Crush.

If you want more information about This original project write to: commission@wowcracy.com