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The difference between Branding & Sales

Today I’m thinking about the difference between Branding & Sales, you know, it’s so common now to find many gurus that talk about quick solutions to scale and make money online.

They talk about these secrets that they have discovered and charge people and small business owners to buy their books or lessons or webinars and so on…

Well, when we talk about business there are no secrets it’s just matter of work and time.
By my point of view, branding it’s what a business needs to generate sales properly and to build a brand, a real one, time and coherence are the 2 variables of success.

And when we work on our brand, we have to focus our communication and content on our story, our values, in order to connect with people, that share our same values and ideas; that’s branding.

Think about Apple, we do not buy their devices because there’s a re-marketing campaign that follows us all over the internet, we buy it because they have built a brand that means something for us, we buy it, because we may share the values of creativity, because it’s a kind of status symbol and so on…

Then comes sales, which are transactions of trust between two parties; and before asking for sales you need at least to share some value with your potential clients, it’s like going deeper rather being wide.

It’s like going on a first date with someone and ask for a marriage, that could be creepy, the same thing for Branding & Sales, build relationships takes time and efforts.
All the secrets are just… Crap maybe…

Have a great day