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The only KPI that matters for your Brand

Nowadays technology is changing the customer’s behavior, when people are online they pass more than 50% of their time on social media.

We can say that social media are no longer a “nice to have” for the communication and the marketing of a brand, they are the “must have” as they are now the actual state of the web; that’s it.

And when we need to promote a new product or a new service, there’s only one KPI (besides and before the sales) that only matters for our brand, and it’s the Attention.

What makes of a media a valuable one, is its capacity to reach the attention of the people that we need to grow our brand.

Today, television and banner ads are the worst advertising channels, that’s because people don’t give a F%&”CK about watching the advertising on television or clicking on a flashing banner while they’re reading an article about the next Star Wars.

This is real, how many of us have Ad blockers systems?

I’m sure that you’re raising your hand right now, and if you are not, you’re already typing on google how to install an Ad blocker 😉

Anyway, the attention it’s the game, and as always, brands compete to get the right eyeballs on their products and services.

Then nowadays the best and underpriced attention it’s based on Facebook, and on Instagram influencers, that’s because, on Facebook we can target users very very well, it’s probably one of the most precise targeting tools available today, and second, everyone is on Facebook.

If we talk about Instagram’s influencers it’s even better, because they have a loyal following base that trusts them and they can serve our content natively. Obviously, choose the right influencer it’s fundamental.

In conclusion in 2017 let’s try to find the platforms and the communication channels that really have the customer’s attention.
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