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The Process behind Facebook Advertising that converts

When I started to grow Facebook business pages, I was skeptical of the value of the likes of the posts.

But after several years of practice, now I know that working to generate a lot of likes (awareness) on the Facebook posts it’s the correct way to execute advertising strategies on Facebook.

Here’s why.

To build a Facebook advertising strategy, it’s important to understand that Facebook is an algorithm based platform, and in order to keep its users active, the platform has to show just relevant content to them.

So what’s the correct approach to creating an effective advertising strategy on Facebook?

The first step is to know the difference between Cold traffic and Hot traffic.

Cold Traffic: People that don’t know your brand.
Hot Traffic: People that already know your brand or that have already interacted with your content.

We have to be aware that it’s more difficult to generate sales and leads from the Cold Traffic, and that it’s easier to generate sales and leads from the Hot Traffic.
This is the first rule to fix in our minds.

Moreover, as Facebook is an algorithm based platform, will be more than glad to show to our Hot Traffic our content at a better price.

So we need to build a strategy that transforms Cold Traffic into Hot Traffic and that keeps our Hot Traffic engaged with our brand.

You can use attractive posts, like beautiful images, quotes and so on, to interact with the Cold Traffic. It’s easier to get a like than a click from a user that doesn’t know who you are.

Why is important to get likes from the Cold Traffic?

The answer is custom audiences, Facebook enables you to create audiences from all the people that have interacted with your content. This means that if in 1 month you get 10000 likes from an ad-set of new users, you will be able to group all of them in one custom audience.

Once you have created a custom audience from your cold traffic, you have a powerful asset for your digital communication, because now you can reach this same person with new exciting contents, and day after day transform this audience into a Hot Traffic.

Then we have to move forward, now this is the question:

What to do with the Hot Traffic?

Now that we have custom audiences built around people that have interacted with our contents, it’s time to set campaigns to drive traffic to specific web pages of our website.

But before doing this, we have to place a Facebook Pixel in our pages so that we can track all the visitors from our campaigns.

Now it’s time to create custom audiences out of the visitors that have visited our website. This is an important data, treat this audience with attention and nurture it with additional content related to the page that they have visited.

Time to make retargeting…

Now we have to start to think about retargeting, with a “Hot Traffic” that have liked your contents, that have visited specific pages of your website, it’s time to test if they are ready to buy.
So what you have to do now, is to create a conversion Facebook campaign in order to see at which price you convert your visitor into a paying customer.

Remember that Facebook starts to optimize the conversions only if you generate at least 15 conversions in one week.

So take your time to see which Ad set will reach these 15 conversions, the one that reaches it, start to add budget (little by little) in order to scale your campaign and maximize your sales or leads.

That’s the process…

I wrote this article because I think that it’s important to understand how the Facebook advertising platform works, I hope that this brief article has clarified a process to make campaigns that convert.

I will prepare more contents related to advanced Facebook strategies.

See ya